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About Us

We are Disciples making Disciples Who Make Disciples.

CCF was originally founded as BASIC Christian Ministries in 2012.

BASIC Christian Ministries focused on discipleship, evangelism, and pastoral counseling. 

We also provide pastoral services to those in need (see "Services").

We believe in not only reading and studying the Holy the Bible every day, but also ministering to others, including sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and teaching others to fulfill the Great Commission. Through our discipleship, we help Christians to make a commitment to read the Bible every day, encourage others to do the same, and share the Gospel. Our desire is to make disciples who make disciples who make disciples. The invitation to join is open to all. The place and time to start are here and now.

We are always looking for mature Christians who wish to start home Bible studies or Christian-focused groups.  Please contact us if you are interested in doing so; we would love to help you get started!

As part of our discipleship, we make a commitment, and sponsor others to make a commitment, to get back to the basics and read the Bible every day, to include allowing others to hold us accountable for our readings. Many Christians don't read the Bible on a regular basis, and our mission is to change that. Accountability partners is the way to go! Part of our method is to allow  "sponsors" and anyone they recruit to hold them accountable for the readings.

We highly recommend everyone read The Story. This book is the story of the Bible, which gives the reader a good foundation to jump into the daily Bible readings as described below. The Story has 31 chapters; read 1 per day, and then start your daily Bible readings. The purpose behind this is because this is an excellent way to introduce someone to the biblical text. Even if you are a mature Christian with an excellent biblical foundation, this is a tool you can use to help disciple others, so you should read it first yourself.

We primarily use and (recommend) The Daily Bible (F. LaGard Smith) as our reading text (remember, reading and studying are two completely different things!), so everyone involved is on the same page. That facilitates better discussions, and allows groups of individuals to answer each others' questions with everyone being "on the same page," literally.  Although this particular text is highly suggested, you do not have to use only have to consistently read whichever Bible you are comfortable with. The Daily Bible can be ordered from multiple places, to include,,, and


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