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First, it is important to note that anyone is welcome to attend the activities of CCF (unless they are considered to be a threat to the church.) God loves all people, and we strive to do the same. Anyone, regardless of current faith, country of origin, race, gender, sexual identity, age, or any other discriminating factor, is welcome to attend.

Membership at CCF is vastly different than most churches. Why? Because we expect all members to actually be pursuing holiness and spiritual growth, and to be focused on the Great Commission. We see too many churches today who are made up primarily of "Sunday Morning Christians" (SMCs). This is not who God called us to be, and while SMCs are welcome and encouraged to visit (even regularly and long-term), only committed Christians can become actual Members. Why? Because Members represent the Church, meaning Members represent Jesus Christ, and we take that seriously (and He does, too!)

Association with CCF starts with "Visitor." If visitors are engaged in activities/programs which require materials that must be purchased by the church, visitors are expected to pay for their own materials. We expect most people associated with the church will be visitors, and because of the "methodology" we are using to train in the spiritual disciplines and personal growth, we simply cannot afford to provide these costly materials to visitors who are not financially supporting our church ministry. Therefore, visitors must pay for the resources used for Bible study and church programs (for example, the Sunday School curriculum books), as well as other materials, if required in a program. Anyone can attend without purchasing any class materials, but it is much easier to follow if materials are used. If there are "used" materials available to borrow, these will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis.

The next level of association with CCF is "Member." Although anyone is welcome to attend (as a visitor), Members are held to a higher standard than at most churches (Note: higher than most churches today, but still just the basic biblical standard!). In order to join and become a Member of CCF, individuals must be committed Christians who are actively engaged in following Jesus, actively engaged in discipleship with our church (through Sunday School and our continual training and education programs), actively engaged in the evangelistic outreach program(s) with our church, and actively engaged in financially supporting our church through tithing and other gifts. In other words, CCF Members are people who "walk the talk." While we believe everyone is a sinner, our goal is to continually strive to become more and more Christlike all the time; individuals who are knowingly, intentionally, willingly, and continually engaged in sinful activities are welcome to attend our church activities, but are not welcome to represent our church community as a church Member while doing so. Repentant individuals who become committed Christians, regardless of past sinful behavior, are always welcome to join as a Member. We take Scripture seriously, as the inspired word of God, and the Bible clearly tells us that people who knowingly, intentionally, willingly, and continually engage in sin cannot be members of the Church (See Matthew 18:15-20, 1 Corinthians 5:1-13, 1 Corinthians 6:1-11, 1 John 3:1-10, and 1 Timothy 5:20).  Members also receive copies of all materials used for Bible study and church programs (for example, the Sunday School curriculum books), and receive free tuition at the International College for Christian Studies for all immediate family members living in the same household.

The next category of association is "Lay Leader." Lay leaders are individuals who are first Members of CCF, and have stepped up to a leadership position. Lay leaders include people who perform non-ordained leadership services, such as leading Bible studies, lay-leader counseling, mission leadership, etc. CCF Lay leaders should complete the educational track designated for lay leaders (through ICCS).

The last category of association is "Clergy." Clergy, who also must first be Members of the church, are ordained members who may be involved as a teaching pastor, as a chaplain, as a pastoral counselor, or within several other roles designated for ordained clergy. CCF ministers must complete the designated educational track for ordained clergy or, as an alternative, hold a minimum of a Bachelor's Degree in Christian Ministry. Individuals holding a degree from other than ICCS, must complete the CCF Ministry Supplementation Course to ensure alignment with church beliefs and mission.   

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