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The International College for Christian Studies

Crossroads Christian Fellowship is the founder and overseer of the International College for Christian Studies (ICCS). The purpose for this college is to provide affordable Christian education for as many people as possible throughout the international community of Christian believers. Although classes are not free, loans and scholarships will be made on an as-needed basis, up to and including 100% of tuition for those who can demonstrate the need (loans and scholarships, or Student Grant Program).

ICCS provides training and education for laity (the average Christian), lay leaders (non-ordained Christian leaders), and clergy (ordained Christian leaders), to include Associate and Bachelor degree programs in Christian Ministry Studies and in Christian Ministry.

General courses include a variety of topics such as marriage classes, financial management, parenting, etc. 

Lay leader courses train Christians to be leaders with classes such as small-group leadership, lay-leader counseling, teaching, etc. There is also an educational track leading to a Certificate in Christian Ministry Leadership.

Clergy courses train Christians to serve as ordained clergy members. This includes a non-seminary educational track leading to a ordination.

The ICCS motto is "Making Disciples to Make Disciples Who Make Disciples" (which is also the motto of the church).

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