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In additional to standard church services (including itinerant preaching, baptism, etc.), we provide additional pastoral services.

These include, but are not limited to:

Marriage services (weddings). We are much more interested in helping couples establish and maintain a successful relationship based on Biblical principles (i.e., a true Holy Matrimony), then simply performing a wedding service. Therefore, we will not perform wedding services without pre-marital counseling to ensure the couple understands the sanctity of a marriage relationship and steps they can take to be successful. We consider marriage to be a life-long covenant versus a contract which can be easily broken. Weddings will only be performed for Christians (these weddings are also legally recognized by the state and require a license); we do not provide "non-Christian" weddings. Marriage is a holy covenant, and is treated such with no exceptions.

Pastoral counseling. Relationship counseling (pre-marital/marriage), family counseling, grief counseling, and Christian life coaching. (NOTE: We provide biblically-based Pastoral Counseling and Christian Life Coaching. We are not Licensed Professional Counselors (LPCs). If we determine a Licensed Professional Counselor, or other mental health professional, is required, we will make the appropriate referrals.) 

Funeral services. Unfortunately, these are required for everyone at some point in time. But when they are required, we aim to ensure attendees recognize this is not the end of someone's life, it is only the end of dwelling in their physical bodies here on earth. We believe everyone deserves a respectful and dignified funeral, however, we will only provide biblically-based Christian worldview funeral services. In other words, we will certainly provide a funeral service for non-Christians, but we will not state or insinuate that someone who is not a Christian is in Heaven in order to make family members and friends feel good at the funeral. Instead, we will remain respectful and simply say that we don't know what was in that person's heart or the internal decisions they made, and their final resting place is between them and God. That is, of course, the truth.  


Ultimately, our pricing system is simple: You decide with a gift/honorarium to the church or pastor. While money is not our motivator, please remember we also have bills to pay and families to feed, and our time spent with you could be spent earning money otherwise. If you do not pay us, we have to make up for it elsewhere, which is even more time away from family. Please do not take advantage of that arrangement. 

Anyone receiving services is expected to pay for the necessary tools to render the service. Depending on your needs, there may be some assessments you will take, books you will read, and other "tools" which cost money. 

Members (of Crossroads Christian Fellowship): Members are not expected to pay for any rendered services (however, honorariums are accepted).

Non-members: Non-members are requested to pay honorariums. We don't have a set fee structure, but suggested honorarium amounts will be provided if requested.

Third-party Arrangements: If you contracted our services through third-party arrangements, you will be expected to pay the contracted amount.

NOTE: We provide biblically-based Pastoral Counseling and Christian Life Coaching. We are not Licensed Professional Counselors. 

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